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Internet is changing and the way users use it and feel it is changing as well. Nobody likes waiting for a website that takes forever to load. Considering that we have millions of websites to find content pretty similar to the one we were looking for, how could the wait be worth? This is the way of thinking of most of the users that feel their willing to enjoy specific content stuck due to never-ending loads. They hate it. They become frustrated and they simply give up. Of course, this behavior affects your websites engagement, but it also has negative effects in terms of ad revenue, and ROI impact. Do you want to avoid this kind of situations once and for all? AMP Landing Pages are exactly what you need.

What is an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?

In online terms, nowadays speed is a must-have. In the Mobile-First world where we live, users are no longer patient. It has been proven that sites that take many seconds to load are often abandoned. Users hate waiting for the content they want to enjoy right now. And this is even worse if they are using their mobile devices. They use them while they are walking on the street, commuting, or simply enjoying their coffee breaks. They are in a rush. And they want to enjoy your content at this very moment. Do not expect them to engage with your site if it needs more than 10 seconds to load. Rather expect them to be frustrated and give up on your slow site. Would you like to engage users and prevent them to leave? No matter where, no matter how… AMP is the key!

Why was AMP Project born? + -

AMP Project was born in response to the lack of engagement and the frustration of users considering the following scenario:

  • 75 % of mobile sites take more than 10 seconds to load;
  • 53 % of mobile site visitors abandon after being waiting for 3 seconds;
  • 2x mobile ad revenue for sites loading in 5 seconds instead of in 19 seconds;
  • Obstruct ads block users from doing what they want to do on the site;
  • Ads do not respond properly when they load for the first time.

Taking into account these issues, the unique solution seemed to be large development teams or specialized skill sets to maintain a fast mobile site, as well as a lot of effort and constant updates. But not every company could afford it. In order to solve all these needs turning the scenario around AMP Project was born.

What is exactly AMP Project? + -

AMP Project is an open source initiative that gives you the opportunity of getting a better website thanks to its amazing features:

  • AMP Landing Pages are extremely fast.
  • Their design is exactly the one you want. Being fast is not incompatible with being smooth and compelling—at least not in the AMP Landing Pages world!
  • They monetize well.
  • It is very easy to create and manage AMP Landing Pages, since they are meant to help publishers, developers and webmasters to create fast web experiences.
  • They are distributed across a range of consumer platforms; e.g. Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. This means that your AMP Landing Page will appear across all of them.

What are the AMP components? + -

In technical terms, the fast AMP experience is built on the combination of three core components:


It is a restricted subset of HTML that ensures speed. It does not require a big team of development nor a huge budget. It is based on the subset of skills that most of the publications already have, as well as the framework that already exists on sites built on many well-known CMS; e.g. Wordpress.

AMP JavaScript:

It consists of a JS library that apply the best performance practices of AMP and manages resources loading to make sure that pages render fast.

AMP Cache:

They carry AMP Landing Pages and store them in a cache improving their performance automatically. They also validate pages to ensure that only those AMP Pages generated in an accurate and valid way are displayed to users.

Should I implement AMP Landing Pages?

Would you like to display your websites fast? Then… Yes, you should! Do you want to do it without giving up on your style and the image of your brand? Yes, you should! What about monetizing well? Yes, you should! Conversion? Engagement? A positive ROI impact? YES, YOU SHOULD! AMP Landing Pages offer multiple benefits. Why would you say ‘no’ to get the most out of them?

Your style, your design, your brand + -

Flexibility and design customization are supported by AMP Landing Pages. You are the one making decisions on functionalities, styles and layouts. AMP Pages support everything you want to add to your website in order to make the user’s experience more engaging; e.g. image galleries, videos, forms, updating live blogs, layouts…

Ads monetization + -

AMP Landing Pages are not incompatible with monetization. When it comes to AMP, ‘flexibilty’ is one of the main keywords. Not only in terms of design, but in terms of ads, too. You can decide the best ad experiences for your users. Would you like to replicate your existing monetization models? Over 70 ad tech integrations are there to help you on your AMP Landing Page. Many different types of ads are supported:

  • Banner ads
  • Sticky ads
  • Video ads
  • Promoted content
  • Flying carpets

On the other hand, AMP Landing Pages also support paywalls and subscribers. This makes segmentation of audience possible providing the possibility to offer access to specific contents just for subscribers. What about the ROI and the engagement track? Taking into account that more than 25 Analytics and viewability providers are compatible and able to work with AMP Pages, the track is ensured; e.g. Google Analytics, Com.Score, DoubleClick For Publishers, LOTAME, Mediametrie, NATIVO, OpenX, outbrain…

Competitors are already getting the most out of AMP Landing Pages + -

AMP is built and intended to meet and improve your KPIs. Retention, engagement, audience growth and monetization are achievable targets with AMP Landing Pages. So many companies are already taking advantage of their benefits. Here are a few examples:


Terra has tripled the time spent on AMP Landing Pages. The Washington Post has increased the return of 7DA users up to 23 %

Audience growth:

GIZMOODO has achieved 80 % of new traffic through AMP. @mail.ru has experienced an increased up to 67 % in new visitors.


TIME has increased the time spent of the site up to 13 %.


Teads.tv has increased its average CTR up to 67 % on AMP Landing Pages.

Top Benefits of AMP Landing Pages

Of course, AMP Landing Pages are attractive. But in addition to being so wonderful, they have many other advantages that make them an amazing value. At this point it is worthwhile to outline the Top Benefits of AMP Landing Pages:

Speed and efficiency:

AMP Pages load fast and provide a user’s experience with no interruptions.

More distribution opportunities:

Many of the platforms that are commonly used by users link directly to AMP Pages; e.g. Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and Pinterest.

Customization and design flexibility:

You don’t adapt. You make decisions. Every option of customization you may need to create a unique website is available: Videos, forms, galleries, layouts…

Ads and AMP are compatible:

AMP Landing Pages are flexible in terms of ads. They support a broad range of ads; e.g. banners, flying carpets, sticky ads, videos, promoted posts…

Limited access by subscription:

This option is also available on your AMP Landing Pages.

Easy track:

The ROI and the engagement is very easy to control with AMP.

A wide variety of Analytics providers also support AMP:

Google Analytics, Mediametrie, ComScore, OpenX…

Your KPIs are boosted with AMP Pages:

Many companies have already proven this; e.g. Terra, Time, Gizmoodo, mail.ru, Teads.tv, The Washington Post…

Benefits of setting up your AMP Landing Pages on your AdWords Campaigns

We are all aware of this: Our Mobile-First society is not patient. This is a fact. And if they have no patience to wait for websites to load, imagine their lack of patience to wait for ads… Fix this in your mind: Slow load times might involve a huge ROI impact. But not a positive one.... Taking into account that we pay per click, and not per visit, the cost of a user who gives up on your website is the same as the one of a user who spends 10 minutes there. But this also yields further disadvantages. Sending your users to slow-landing pages means a huge lost in terms of engagement, potential traffic and sales. That is another reason why AMP Landing Pages are definitely a must-have. They load instantly and, therefore, their ads load instantly, as well. And users stay on your website… and enjoy.

Better landing pages equal to better ad experiences:

Users fall in love with amazing web experiences. And Google also values them in order to determine ad rank and pricing. Considering this, providing awesome user experiences should always be a must-have on your websites. Only this way you can get the most out of it when you direct your search ad clicks to your AMP Landing Pages.

Same positive effects on paid traffic and on organic traffic:

AMP Landing Pages support traffic from mobile search ads and this have a very positive effect on your traffic.

Increase your conversion rates:

Take into account that if users are not willing to wait for the content they actually want to enjoy, they will be even less likely to contribute to your conversion rates. If your landing page loads faster and you improve your mobile performance, the number of users who click on your ads might increase and, therefore, your ad revenue, might increase, too. Same effort, better results, less loss.

Improve your engagement metrics:

By providing a better user experience, you can achieve good results also on terms of engagement, like bounce rate, conversion rate, and pages per session. What are you waiting for?

2018 AMP News

AMP Landing Pages are already a revolution. Loading pages fast without giving up on their style and enjoying all the benefits of these kind of pages is simply irresistible. As you already know, the online world is always full of new updates and news to provide an even better online experience. Like many other companies do, AMP Project keeps on working to develop the best features of their AMP Landing Pages and to keep on offering the best of this open-source technology. Hereinafter you can figure out the most amazing 2018 AMP News.

Same content in every device + -

Google has set up the display of the same contents in the original and in the AMP Pages as mandatory. This way, the only change you might notice in AMP Landing Pages considering the canonical versions is the loading speed —being AMP Pages much faster than the original ones. This mandatory measure might sound obvious, but the truth is that many sites were displaying less content in their AMP Pages than in the original ones before its establishment. In case of detecting less content, Google redirects the user directly from the AMP Landing Page to the original version. It seems that this movement originated by different content would not involve penalties in terms of SEO, but it may involve them in terms of other functions based on AMP technology, like the AMP carousel of Google News. But there is no need to worry too much about this. In case of detecting any problem with your AMP Landing Page, Search Console notifies the webmaster about it in order to solve it and publish the website again as soon as possible.

Taking care of ads + -

Users have changed their perception of advertisement recently. Nowadays, interesting, updated and fast advertisement succeed. That is why it is so important to take care of the ads that appear on our websites. Not only in terms of speed, but in terms of image as well. Taking into account these variables, AMP Project has released some news that can make ads on AMP Landing Pages even more interesting:

Fast Fetch:

The function of this mechanism is to reach a higher loading speed of ads in AMP Pages. Loads can be done up to 2.7 seconds faster.


In terms of creativity, we can find this version of advertisement that loads ads 5 seconds faster, avoids malware spreading and provides an effective use combining the best of appearance and safety.

Storytelling using AMP Pages + -

Stories involve engagement. Users love them. And AMP Project did not want to miss the opportunity to get the most out of their charming. Nowadays, they offer an open format to visual storytelling on mobile. This provides the flexibility you need to make them attractive. You can share them, link them, and use them to show the content you want using a wonderful design. Furthermore, these stories are websites and they are available as regular websites are.

AMP and E-mails + -

Taking into account that AMP is achieving good results in terms of websites, AMP Project should give it a try on e-mails as well. Nowadays, AMP components can also be applied to e-mail. This way users can enjoy a dynamic experience on their e-mails able to be updated and actionable.

How do I implement an AMP Page? + -

Implementing an AMP Page is a very easy process. Hereinafter you can find the steps you need to take to implement them depending on your current process. Two options are available:

  • In case of having a popular CMS; e.g. WordPress, Dupral, Hatena, SQUARESPACE and morfeel, among others, you can use their support. You only have to install a plugin compatible with your specific CMS. And it can generate your AMP Landing Pages automatically for you.
  • Another option is adjusting your templates in order to create AMP Pages directly.

Tutorials, documentation and further information is available on the AMP Project’s website: https://www. ampproject.org. Dive in there in order to learn even more custom applications or join their growing community.