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Lower your CAC with our landing pages in AMP

Reduce your CAC increasing your Conversion Rate

According to Google, a page created with AMP HTML can load anywhere from 15% to 85% faster than the non-AMP version of that page.

Recent studies found that AMP results in an increase of traffic in 10%, with visitors spending twice as much time on pages. This is responsible for a 20% increase in sales conversions.

Reduce your CAC optimizing your adwords budget

Increase your AdRank. Maximize your user experience in landing. Do you Know that Google officially recommended AMP landing pages to improve the ad rank?

“With better ad rank you can get the same traffic with lower cpc”

AMP: A boost for your Conversion Rate

According to a research by Kissmetrics, one-second delay in page loading time will decrease your conversion rate by 7 percent.

AMP was conceived for media outlets but nowadays it´s a vital technology to boost online sales for websites. Every e-commerce needs to implement it to optimize their mobile SEO.

Moõse is more than a Landing Page Tool…. Moõse is AMP revolution

Optimize your marketing budget. Increase your conversions, sales, pagespeed, user experience…

It is estimated that today about 60% of all internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Are you ready for mobile domination on online shopping?

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